“Don’t Drink and Drive:  Just Cab It™ with 1-800-TAXICAB®”

Here’s an excellent alternative to drinking and driving:  take a taxi!  Sounds easy.  Well it’s even easier now with “One Number Nationwide®” for a taxi from 1-800-TAXICAB®. 

You don’t have to spend lots of time trying to figure out a local taxi company to call — we’ve already made it easy.  Simply dial 1-800-TAXICAB® or visit The National Taxi Directory™ online to arrange for a taxi to take you out for your night on the town. Plan ahead and go out with friends to share the cost.  Many taxi companies allow up to 4 passengers to ride for the price of 1 — now that makes it super cost effective!

And when the evening is done and you are ready to head back home or to your hotel, you already know the easiest toll-free telephone number for a local taxi:  1-800-TAXICAB®.  No matter what you think the taxi fare will cost, it will be worth it in terms of safety to you and those around you.  And of course, the fare will be incomparably cheaper than a DUI/DWI.

Why ever drink and drive, when you can “Just Cab It™” by dialing 1-800-TAXICAB®?

Let licensed, insured, trained, reputable taxi drivers serve as your “designated driver.” Not only are they sober, they know the local roads, and just might have a few insider tips on the local club scene.

At 1-800-TAXICAB, INC, we are proud to provide a National Referral Service to taxi companies throughout the United States, connecting millions of passengers to taxis. Many of these passengers are planning ahead and taking a taxi!

Because our network is a natural tool in the fight against drunk driving, we have partnered with Miller Lite® and Coors Light® to get the word out to as many patrons as possible to take a taxi instead of drinking and driving. Please choose the links at left to learn more about these alcohol safety and responsibility initiatives and what they mean to patrons, retailers, distributors, and the public at large.

We also ask you to go to www.greatbeergreatresponsibility.com to take the pledge to never drive drunk and always use a designated driver.