Miller Lite® TaxiFinder App

Taxifinder1The Miller Lite® TaxiFinder by 1-800-TAXICAB uses your GPS coordinates to locate your position on a map, then shows you the nearest taxi company on the 1-800-TAXICAB® taxi hotline. You can also change locations by choosing a city and state. Click on the local taxi company flag to see the taxi company name and phone number. Click to call and order a taxi. Or, simply click a “Click to Call” button and you will instantly be connected to the 1-800-TAXICAB® taxi hotline.

The 1-800-TAXICAB® taxi hotline, sponsored by Miller Lite, has connected millions of people to taxis in communities all across the nation. Patrons can call “One Number Nationwide®” to reach a local taxi service. Taxi companies that are in the network include many of the most prestigious in the ground transportation industry.

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