Just Cab It®

Just Cab It®! What does that mean? Everyone knows! It means — don’t fool around and make it complicated, just make the safe and simple choice and take a taxi. Dial 1-800-TAXICAB.  (scroll down to learn more) 

Millions of Passengers Served

Our loyal passengers have appreciated the simplicity and dependability of our main service: to connect passengers to local taxi companies. One Number Nationwide®. (scroll down to learn more) 

Marketing & Promotion

Encouraging patrons to enjoy alcohol responsibly by planning ahead and taking a taxi. We serve roughly one-third of the US beer industry to try to make the roads safer for everyone by providing both national and customized local programs to encourage taxi usage. (scroll down to learn more)

Brand Recognition

Having served millions of passengers since 1999, been marketed prominently on radio networks for years, featured on primetime television broadcasts, and emblazoned on the sides of thousands of cabs, the name 1-800-TAXICAB has a vast and loyal brand following. (scroll down to learn more) 

Serving Taxi Operators of All Sizes

We serve the very largest taxi fleets in North America with thousands of independent contractor driver. But we also serve, just as energetically, extremely small operators with one or two vehicles. Ask any client and they will tell you we are authentic, caring, and committed to customer service. (scroll down to learn more)

Transportation Companies:  Join 1-800-TAXICAB

Just Cab It!® 1-800-TAXICAB® is the original taxi network, providing One Number Nationwide® to taxi services across the country since 1999.

The 1-800-TAXICAB® taxi hotline has connected millions of passengers to independently owned and operated taxis in communities all across the nation. Taxi companies that are in the network include many of the finest in the ground transportation industry.

Outstanding taxi operators: we invite you to join our network today! We are very proud of the TLPA Presidents and Board Members, Industry award winners, and other fine leading transportation companies.

Members are listed on www.1800taxicab.com, and are accessible via the toll-free number, 1-800-TAXICAB.  Your credit card is automatically charged each month.  Cancel at any time prior to the next month’s auto billing.  No cancellation fees.

ATTENTION LIMO COMPANIES, Sign up for our 1-800-GET-LIMO Service.

Sign up for Small Market Service ($39/mo)

Need a Large Market? Please contact us for info.

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I joined 1-800-TAXICAB over ten years ago.  At that time, we had 20 cabs.  Now, we have over 200 cabs.  1-800-TAXICAB was a great help over the years.  We love ‘em!

TLPA Board Member

North Eastern US

You guys are the Original!  Thanks for all the hard work over the years.

Past TLPA President


I know 1-800-TAXICAB is more than a telephone number, but before it was started, nobody in the taxi industry was thinking about easy-to-remember phone numbers.  Now, we all have them.  It’s because of you all.

Large Taxi Operator

Western US

I joined 1-800-TAXICAB six months ago.  At the time I had two cars.  Now I have six cars.  Thanks, 1-800-TAXICAB.  All your calls have made a big difference in attracting new drivers.

New Fleet Operator


Our Philosophy

We have always operated on the philosophy that hard work and quality service will win our clients’ loyalty.  And we’ve been proven right!  Many of our customers have been with us well over ten years.  And these clients are all on month-month agreements. We believe we must earn your business every month.

To learn about the benefits of 1-800-TAXICAB network membership: email us at sales@1800taxicab.com

Or, feel free to call us at: 800-451-6092.

Note:  The images depicted on this site of taxis branded as 1-800-TAXICAB are used by permission from the 1-800-TAXICAB Franchise System.  The 1-800-TAXICAB franchise system is operated by a distinct company.    As a referral service subscriber, you would not gain the right to operated taxis branded as 1-800-TAXICAB, but can use certain bumper stickers provided by 1-800-TAXICAB so long as it is clear that 1-800-TAXICAB is not your fleet name.  See terms and conditions for complete details.

Referral Service

If you subscribe to the 1-800-TAXICAB referral service, you gain a license to use the 1-800-TAXICAB registered trademark to indicate that you receive calls from the 1-800-TAXICAB national referral service.  You cannot use it as your fleet name.  Local taxi operators are solely responsible for their service, pricing, actions or omissions.